I wish Instagram had these features like tumblr.

Hello again! Writing a blog after a very long time. I’m a Tumblr user from 2014. But I stopped using it. Last month I reinstalled Tumblr app on my phone to share the BTS of my Instagram posts as I don’t like the WordPress Android app. So these are my thoughts and impressions about tumblr and there are couple features on Tumblr which I wish Instagram had. Continue reading “I wish Instagram had these features like tumblr.”

Instagram Story Highlight – New feature, New possibilities!

After Instagram Story, Instagram Live, this is yet another revolutionary feature that Instagram has introduced. On December 5, 2017, Instagram announced two new features called “Story Highlight” & “Story Archive”. I spent last 48 hours understanding these two features and what I got is really really awesome. In this blog you will get the detailed description about these two features and the possibilities for growth of personal brand and business by the use of these features. Continue reading “Instagram Story Highlight – New feature, New possibilities!”

5 Ridiculously easy ways to create Instagram Video Story!

Instagram Story is a really cool place to show your creativity. There are plenty of things that you can do on your Story. You must have seen people using professional cameras and video editing softwares for their stories. They obviously look super awesome and I appreciate all those creative people for inspiring me to create good Instagram stories. Not all the people have the subscription to Adobe Premiere pro or any other video editing software. Continue reading “5 Ridiculously easy ways to create Instagram Video Story!”