#WWIM16HYD : Story behind

Worldwide InstaMeet 16,Hyderabad – I am so excited about this InstaMeet. The meetup is on 10th September, 2017. Me and @vsnu are organizing this event and I have already wrote a blog on it in my tech blog 360techlife.com, if you don’t know what is InstaMeet you may click here to know all the details.

So, there are a lot of things which are going on in the backend. I want to share all things with you all. Also I am getting a lot of questions in DM about this meetup. So this is a kind of clarification on the event details. BTW if you want to know the venue, time and location with Google Map then please click here. So let’s get back to the topic.

First me and @vsnu have decided to conduct the meetup at Shilparamam, Hyderabad which is a very good place with lot of elements to capture and we have never organized a meetup at that place so I was super excited about Shilparamam. So we finalized all the things and posted the first post about this meetup. Then I got a message from Prudhvi Sir (@prudhvichowdary) and I came to know that at Shilparamam, they are charging ₹500 per camera(DSLR) which is way too much to spend for a meetup in addition to the travel expenses. Also that’s not the only thing. If you are carrying a DSLR with you then you have to fill a Terms & Conditions sheet. So we had to cancel that place as the venue for our meetup.

Then we discussed about all possible places and we found that in every other place you have to pay additional amount for camera and tripod. Then @vsnu told me about “Khajaguda Heritage rock formation, Hyderabad”. I have never been to that place but so I googled it and found pretty amazing pictures of that place and @vsnu also sent some of his pictures those he have taken at that place. Those pictures are simply amazing. So we finalized that place for our meetup.

Then one more issue occurred. One of the Hyderabad Instagrammers pinged me that the Instagram Community page shows wrong date for this meetup. Me and @vsnu checked it and we found that the Instagram Community page shows 10th September for iPhones and Macbooks and on Android phones and Windows laptop it shows 9th September. It’s quite funny and concerning as well. I don’t know what kind of error it is but there is no edit option to make it correct for all devices. So I thought of putting all the required information along with the Google Map on our website www.thn.city so that everyone can follow the same and correct information.

I have received a lot of feedback on the venue as it is quite far from most of the people who are interested to join the meetup. So I explained them all through DM and that’s why I am writing this blog so that you can know all the things which are happening in the backend.

Coming to the theme of the meetup; #KindComments is the theme for this meetup as per Instagram. We some surprise for all of you who are interested for this meetup. We will reveal them at the meetup. Till then follow all the instructions and updates which I am going to post through @hellohyderabad (posts and stories). I am super excited about this meetup and this venue as we can do so much things at this place. So that’s it for this blog. See you at the meetup.

Picture credit: @vsnu