I wish Instagram had these features like tumblr.

Hello again! Writing a blog after a very long time. I’m a Tumblr user from 2014. But I stopped using it. Last month I reinstalled Tumblr app on my phone to share the BTS of my Instagram posts as I don’t like the WordPress Android app. So these are my thoughts and impressions about tumblr and there are couple features on Tumblr which I wish Instagram had.

What is Tumblr?

It’s 2018 and I believe everyone have heard of Tumblr at least once. Tumblr is a social media, blogging platform. It can also be used to create static and dynamic websites like WordPress. Also Tumblr provides free and paid templates to create beautiful websites. If you want you can also use the paid version of Tumblr where you will get the option to remove (.tumblr.com) domain.

E.g. www.zuvam.tumblr.com


Now let’s dive into the features of Tumblr.

  1. The tumblr app has the same navigation like Instagram. Which are Profile, Notifications, Explore, Feed.
  2. You can follow people and like, reblog, send posts and message other users on tumblr. You can find Notes on Tumblr which is the total number of interactions (likes + reblogs) of the post.
  3. You can post 8 different types of posts on Tumblr which are basically Picture, Video, Gif, Audio and some combinations of those like Chats, Quotes.
  4. The Explore page on Tumblr is also interesting. You can get different types of suggestions based on your interests and also you can search for the following things (Top post, Recent posts, Hashtag, GIF, Tumblrs, photos, Videos, quote, chats, audios) for the keyword.
  5. Tumblr does not show the number of followers/followings. But it shows the list of people that a user is following. This can also be disabled.
  6. While creating a Tumblr, you can add your Interests to get post and account suggestions.

These are the basic features of Tumblr. So if you ask me why I prefer using Tumblr, there are few things I would like to mention.

  1. It’s a mode of cross platform sharing for me. I post the BTS of my photos on Tumblr so people who are interested in knowing the process can easily get them. Also people on Tumblr who find my work interesting can join me on my Instagram and other platforms.
  2. The second reason for posting on Tumblr is to keep another backup of my work.

Now, there are couple of downsides of using Tumblr and I believe I should address those as well.

  1. Pornographic content: When I used Tumblr for the first time in 2014 I remember I found pornographic contents on suggestions though I’ve never searched for any of those content. But they randomly popup on Tumblr. So if you ever start Tumblr make sure to turn On this function (Hide sensitive content). It will hide all such content on your Feed and also on the Explore page.
  2. Tumblr posts do not show the date and time of posts. So I’m adding the post date on my posts.
  3. The Tumblr editor is not user friendly. If you ever want to edit your posts, it will show you the HTML editor format.

Now let’s talk about the two features those I like the most and I wish Instagram had those features.

  1. Post level link-out option: Instagram does not allow post level link-out function. On instagram, you can only post link (URL) on the bio and on Story with swipe up (for accounts over 10K followers). On Tumblr, you can add multiple links to your posts just like Facebook.
  2. Nested search: This is the most interesting feature on Tumblr. You can actually search for contents posted by a single user for a specific keyword/hashtag. Let me explain you that. If you want to see the pictures of Charminar that I’ve posted on my Tumblr, you can go to my account and search for Charminar in the top search bar. It will show you all the posts those I’ve posted about Charminar. Though I’ve not posted any post about Charminar on my Tumblr. It’s just an example.

So these are my thoughts and impressions about Tumblr in 2018. Let me know what you think about it. Also if you’re using Tumblr, comment below your Tumblr URL and I’ll check and if I like the content, I’ll also follow you.

Tumblr: http://zuvamart.tumblr.com

Instagram: https://instagram.com/zuvamart/