Comic Con – Hyderabad is back!

Comic Con is one of my favorite event. The first time I have attended one was back in 2015. I was not sure about going to the event on that day. I was so happy being there. Back then I had a old Nikon D90 and a 50mm. I took some shot with that camera and they were pretty good. I have shared them on my Instagram, not sure if they are still there. I might have archived or deleted some of them. So Comic Con – Hyderabad is back.

For people who don’t know about Comic Con, it’s my honor to introduce this new world of happiness. Mostly it’s a two day event that happens in most of the cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai etc. Comic Con India organizes this event. It’s actually an international event and it is more popular in other countries. It’s basically an event where a lot of artists join together or get invited to meet their fans and to talk about their art. So you may get a chance to meet your favorite artists, youtubers, movie or TV actors. In 2015, I got a chance to meet Matt Melvin; the artist from Cyanide & Happiness”. In 2016, I met Afshan Azad who played the character of Padma Patil” in Harry Potter” movie series.

Matt Melvin from “Cyanide & Happiness”
Afshan Azad/Padma Patil from Harry Potter movie series

So apart from artists, you will find a lot of comics merchandise and other movie merchandise like T-Shirts, Posters and a lot more thing. Also you can find a lot of cosplayers and you can take pictures with them. This time I will go on Sunday (15th October 2017) and this time am planning to make a vlog about. This is going to be my first vlog. So am taking some references from last few days. Also I will be taking a lot of pictures again and you can find the best ones in my photo gallery and on Instagram. Now that I’m on Snapchat so this will also go the Snapchat stories. If you are interested to visit Comic Con this time do check out the guest list and the event details. I am specially interested to meet Akshay Dhar; founder of Meta Desi Comics”. The ticket price is ₹500 per day and the event starts from tomorrow(14th October 2017).